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    Lynzee Clark
    June 14, 2022

    We worked with advocate David Beinke over the past year after having some problems with my daughter’s school refusing to provide appropriate services to my SpEd daughter. David offered sound advice throughout the year, attending ARD meetings with us and guiding us on through the process of mediation. I encourage all special needs parents to advocate for their child. The help of a paid advocate like David was invaluable.

    Jenny Crutchlow
    December 31, 2020

    My husband and I worked with David Beinke, Nancy Flores, and Daniel Garza. From our first interaction with Cirkiel, we found them to be professional and with a keen understanding of the special education landscape in Texas and nationally, as well as deep compassion for students and their families. David was an endless resource of information (and humor!), and Nancy understood deeply the very complicated issues surrounding our child's case. Together, David, Nancy, and Daniel shepherded us through the beginnings of a very tense due process and mediation, ultimately getting us what our son needed to stay in school. After having gone it alone for a year in Texas, I am quite sure that our child would have been forced to leave the school or would have been in danger had he stayed the second year, without the advocacy of our team at Cirkiel. We are now homeschooling, but if we ever return to public school in Texas, Cirkiel will be on fast dial.

    Melissa Serna
    July 23, 2021

    This firm was highly recommended by another attorney, which was to help my daughters case and NOTHING was done I spoke to the Attorney and he said he would help and took all my records and videos everything and did NOTHING with it then granted COVID hit and then get a call from the other attorney who had first recommended his saying he was no longer doing anything with the case which I couldn’t even hear it from him !!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE way to treat a potential client didn’t even take any time to call nor return any of my person stuff that was given to him nor a LETTER NOTHING at ALL. Given that he was recommended he could have shown some care in what he does but nothing he was more worried about himself then what my daughter was dealing with. I will NOT recommend him EVER !!!!

    Kristen Meitzen
    February 08, 2021

    We were directed to this firm by a good attorney friend of mine. We had been trudging through SPED ARD’s and various issues with our daughters’ school for a year with no results at all. She has ASD, Dyslexia, SPD, ADDHD and Dysgraphia diagnosis. We had her in separate outside ABA therapy that was working wonders and all we simply wanted was an even playing field with her peers. We didn’t care to get belligerent or demanding of any services that wouldn’t benefit her as it would truly only detract from other children that needed them. After hitting one brick wall after the next and knowing full well that we weren’t asking for services that were beyond her need we finally reached out for an advocate. We were given Nancy Flores in January 2020. We had our initial phone meeting where although I was flustered with the events that lead to where we were, I was clear about what we wanted to see come of obtaining an advocate. Nancy gave me some very firm ground rules to begin with to deal with the school. Then the pandemic hit. Knowing that the pandemic didn’t end school but rather moved it to a different and now more challenging platform we pushed through. Our daughter excelled more in that 9-week period of stay at home schooling than she had the entire year which gave us the proof that we needed to show the school that teaching her the way that we were positive would work was wholly possible and productive! We are very involved parents and wanted to take the reins until we felt like it would no longer serve to assist but hinder our daughter. Nancy was there for every question and even to give us the proper nudge when it was time to file for mediation with the district, which is when she took the reins. Although we cannot discuss the details of the outcome of the mediation, I can say that both Nancy and the Assigned Attorney with the firm said that it was probably the best outcome that they have ever seen. We have been VERY pleased with where our daughter is now, she is happy, confident and succeeding educationally. We sincerely don’t think we could have done this on our own. It’s a very long and tough road but if you have the ability, I would most certainly recommend hiring her for your advocacy needs. She is very knowledgeable and has absolutely no fear or gives pause to speaking up for your child. She can and will see subtle nuances that districts put forth in a way to legally muddy waters to protect themselves and call them out on it immediately.

    David Ervin
    May 17, 2019

    My workplace started a legal plan and I decided to get my will and other medical power of attorneys done. Looked at the plan and this place was listed as one of the participating legal participants. Talked with Steve there and he sent me out the forms to fill out stating what we wished. He did up the paperwork based on those forms and sent those back to us to review. We then went in for a meeting with him and went over what the wills and power of attorney said and everything was correct. They witnessed and notarized everything and gave us the will and other paperwork and we were on our way in less than 45 minutes. Excellent work and a short amount of time and through our legal plan that was fairly inexpensive.

    Cirkiel & Associates, P.C.

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    1901 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA

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